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Our Background

Midnight Tuesday was formed when established Western Australian artists Philip and Dawn Gamblen were joined by Peter Gee to create public artwork.  Phil and Dawn have been working together as an artist team in the field of public art for fifteen years.  During this time, they have worked collaboratively with Peter on art projects that have involved lighting, kinetics and technology.



Philip and Peter specialise in the use of mechanics, electronics, robotics and lighting to create interactive art that is often informed by technology and science.  Many of these artworks rely on the use of wind or solar power to activate them or use lighting to simulate movement.  Dawn's practice focuses upon implied movement, instilling her sculptures with a sense of dynamic energy and liveliness utilising strategic placement of repeated forms.


Our Inspiration

Each of our individual art practices have been influenced by the themes of science, especially physics and biology, nature and movement. Never afraid to embrace new media and materials, artworks can be influenced by the media itself.

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Midnight Tuesday